Wireless Addressable Control Panel with Hooter

Control Panel with hooter

  • Hooter panel is provided for awareness of fire.
  • Hooter panel is provided at every floor/ necessary public place.
  • Hooter panel transmit signal towards main panel.
  • We can silent alarm trough this small panel.

    Hooter panel wiring diagram

    • Insert fuse in fuse holder
    • Open hooter panel, you can observe two floating wires. Connect red wire to positive terminal and black wire to negative terminal of battery respectively.
    • Plug in AC mains cod to nearby socket it will turn on led on panel.
    • Connect antenna to SMA connector, which is situated on the top of panel. Make sure that antenna should not come in contact with panel body, keep distance between them. male connector
    • Antenna is made up of magnet so locate antenna on top of panel or place antenna on any metal surface
    • Connect hooter female connector to male connection on panel.
    • To choose location, take detector and check signal from different locations of area where we would establish our system then press button on detector, check signal hooter panel.
    • When your panel will detect device signal it will raise alarm by hooter.
    • By referring above process select location where we can fix hooter main panel by selecting detectors position and range of panel.
    • Lock the panel by nobs which are provided with panel.
    • Please provide AC power supply: - 230V, 5A, 3pin Socket near panel.
    • Once installation done, send the signal from MCP or Detector to hooter panel/CMS panel. This will sound the hooter as well as will display location, zone number, detector number, etc. if all the electronics, circuitry and battery are working properly.
    • For every periodic period, Please insure the AC supply.
    • Open the panel door.
    • Remove all connection of battery.
    • Remove battery from the compartment. Insert a new 12 volt battery to connector. NOTE: POLARITY OF CONNECTIONS.
    • NOTE: Use only the batteries specified below. Use of different batteries other than the recommended one, may have a detrimental effect on the operation. A good safety measure is to replace the battery at least once a year.
    • Lead-acid type 12V, 1.3Ah
    • After installing or changing the battery, Test your panel by using the test button of Detector or MCP.
    DO’S and DON’TS For Control Panel with Hooter
    • DO'S
      • Make sure panel has required AC supply.
      • Place antenna on metal body.
      • Panel should be fixed on wall at Proper height.
      • Make sure Hooter is properly connected to panel.
      • Protect Panel From Water / Moisture.
      • Clean Panel Regularly.
    • DON'TS
      • Do not unlock panel without authority.
      • Do not keep panel on floor.
      • Do not disconnect Ac supply.
      • Do not disconnect antenna from panel
      • Do not change the location of panel and antenna without authority.
      • Do not disconnect hooter from panel.