How it works
Why wireless fire alarm system?
Technology is going wireless and everything we see around is already using the stubborn wire system more over life safety systems have also gone wireless. More and more industries and organizations are getting in client to get wireless fire alarm systems. There are number of benefits of switching to wireless systems, but cost-benefits and easy of installations and more effective result in shortest time are actually topping the charts. Wireless fire alarm system also protect home and office against fire and other emergencies and help to deal with them in the right time. Wireless fire alarm devices are the best choice for proper protection in time. Wireless systems are more mordden , they incorporate the latest security technology. Additionally, the advantage of wireless system is that it has remote assets to your area. Wireless fire alarm system has always been a sensible choice in a large area, business or industry for number of reason. Wireless fire alarm system is particularly simple to install.
Easy installation
We don't have to worry about cutting in to walls for routing the wire OR the system. Wireless systems are the becoming the best choice for industrial sectors , banking sectors , airports , moles , hoteliers and educational sectors . Wireless fire alarm system installation comparatively gives operative simplicity, effective accuracy , clarity of action in times of unexpected emergencies Instant signal systems and financial viability, sustaining long period security by combining supportive appropriate amc.
Advantages of Wireless fire alarm system easy install
One of the major advances of using this kind of systems is that it can be easily install anywhere at all times. They are potable and can be moved from one place to another anytime, as per the changing requirements. The best part is that we don't need anything more than bolts, nuts and screws to install them. They are easy and quick to install and moveable for shifting installation whenever required as well wherever needs.


The major benefit of a wireless system is the flexibility it provides. Its simple control panel circuit and wireless receivers make wireless system easy to remove and reattach to another location. Maintenance of such devices becomes easier as you can remove them and clean out the device

Since the lack of wires allows you to place the detectors in any desired location. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about connecting them to an outlet.

Apart from placing them anywhere, you can also program wireless detectors to a range of settings, and physically move them to a different location without dealing with wires.

Having a wired detectors works to restrict surveillance locations. It forces you to place your detectors only in the easy to reach spots for cables and other equipment regardless of whether or not these areas are suitable for surveillance devices.


Installed quickly, the benefits of a wireless fire alarm system were immediately apparent. Wireless detectors could be installed throughout the building without impacting historical finishes. While the fire alarm panels and repeaters required wiring for power, they could be strategically located to limit the impact to aesthetic finishes.

The most distinct advantage provided by wireless detectors is the fact that the technology does not include cables. Breaking into establishments that have fully wired business security systems only needs a pair of wire cutters.

As we’ve already mentioned, wireless systems require no cables and can be re-positioned endlessly. So, if you find that you are going to move to new premises or perhaps you are using a temporary or leased building, you can easily take your wireless fire safety system with you when or if you move and adapt it to meet your new requirements.


A few years ago, it was not this common mainly because of its expensiveness. But with the passing time and increased demand, many people can now afford the wireless detectors which are far less expensive than paying for wires to be drilled inside the walls for a wired detector.

Since the wireless system runs on a simple AC power supply, its installation is quick and hassle-free. where traditional system works through your main power grid using the electricity. A wireless system, on the other hand, can function with just the help of low-cost lithium batteries. Also, with modern advancements, these systems can easily function by connecting to your wireless receivers, since there are no connecting wires from the main control panel to the alarms and the detectors, no wires are required, and the cost of installation is drastically reduced.

Accessing a wireless network does not require physical access to network jack or cable, as does accessing a wired network.Wireless system required very less maintenances as compare to wired system which result into very low maintenances cost.


Wireless detectors work on battery. This means that even if there is a power failure, your detectors will work in case something happens. With the wired detectors technology, which worked on electricity, there was no chance of knowing if anything happened, due to a power cut. This is the safest technology ever offered.

Use of battery result into save a huge amount to electricity and also reduce the complexity of system.

System has ability to acknowledge the battery capacity, if battery voltage discharge to unexpected level then system acknowledge and indicates the same on main panel which will never let system down or cut off.

Battery are easy to deal with, no professional training required, any one with required knowledge could deal with battery replacement where in wired system it is very difficult to troubleshoot ,only professional trained person could handle the system .


There are some features that wired security systems have, but wireless systems do not have. This is a factor that makes this system prone to inference.

When a thief, for example, decides to cut the wire that connects a wired system first before breaking in, an alarm will sound. But that is not the case with a wireless system.

In wireless alarm systems, individual sensors and some of its other components communicate with the control panel using radio waves. Other systems using microwaves can interrupt communication between these components and expose your business security risks. In some cases,

Adding new detector into old installed system required no drilling and wiring, as system is wireless no worry of drilling, wiring, damage of interior and all time consuming process, where in wire system it could be much complicated.


Wireless. This may seem like a given, but wireless systems offer extra protection because they don’t have phone lines to cut that would quickly disable the alarm system.

No fear of wire cutting due to any reason and system shut down. wireless system provide faithful protection and self capable for detecting number of problem and indicates through the displaying on main panel display.

Wireless system uses advance technology which ensure the system faithful operation and providing satisfying result.

Easy to modify
Wireless fire alarm systems are easy to modify. When we are planning to update OR change the layout of the building, we can easily change the placement Or position of the Wireless fire alarm systems , as they are wireless. We will get best protection, irrespective of any change in shifted plan and machineries